Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hold onto this thread, please.

My life is unraveling. I've not posted lately. I've read and listened to several books. I've seen a few movies. I've hostessed a party. I've worked at home - laundry, dishes, bills, laundry, dishes, bills, and at work. But all of that pales - seems completely unblogworthy compared to the pain. Tween is falling apart. We've gotten a notice of possible expulsion from the school, we just discovered he's committed a grave act of vandalism with a group of other boys. Ex-Marine got notice today that his company is laying off twenty percent of the work force. Those that are lucky enough to stay will have to weather a five week furlough planned for this summer and another two weeks at the end of the year. Bookworm is all about college - but how are we going to pay for it? And Youngest just keeps plugging away being his angelic self despite the high emotions around him. I'm in a state of complete disorganization. When I am carrying around a Ziploc bag of bills and permission slips and sports schedules because I don't have time to deal with them, I know it's bad. And it's not even the gallon size - it's the two gallon size! So I've got several posts in varying stages of completion waiting patiently in draft status for me to get it together. I could maybe get it together for me but it is so much more than me that it just feels a little overwhelming. It's taking all I've got to hang onto this thread.

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