Saturday, October 11, 2008

Why has it taken me so long to report on my reading?

This title could also be something along the lines of - The Virus That Brought My Blog to a Screeching Halt! I've had plenty of time to read these days because my computer just spent more than a week at the local computer repair shop getting debugged. I dropped it off with the assurance that it usually takes two, maybe three days. Then the wait began. Finally on day four I called. Tech guy: "This is tricky. I'm throwing everything I've got at it and it still isn't clean." (Add a few ma'am's in there because this is the South you know.) So I waited some more. Day 6 or 7 - Tech Guy: "I've gone out and bought new stuff to try to clean it up and I still can't get it done." Me, going through desperate withdrawal, pleads: "Maybe I should just bring it home and live with the one last virus." Tech Guy: "Oh no, ma'am, this virus is so bad, it will just bring all the other viruses right back if we can't get it off." Finally, approximately day 9 or 10 - time loses all meaning when you are jonesing, Tech Guy calls and says it's ready and I leave my place of employment immediately and go throw my arms around my computer and kiss it long and loud. Then I say, "How did this happen?" and I hold my breath waiting for him to tell me that one of the four people who share this computer has been surfing porn. But he doesn't say that at all, "Whew!" Instead, he says that someone has been clicking on ads. Ads? Who would be stupid enough to click on ads? Not me - I'm blogging and e-mailing and Facebooking - but no ads. I don't suspect Bookworm. She's all Library Thing, Facebook, and FanFiction - probably no ads. But then there's Tween and Youngest.....very suspect. So I ask Youngest. And he immeidately denies it. That's his first response whenever he is confronted about possibly wrongdoing, "No way, I didn't click on any ads." But luckily for me, his second response is always to confess, "Well, except the ones where you can win something free." And third response...."Tween and I sometimes click on those." Share the wealth - spread the blame around, whatever Youngest has done, he always makes sure I know that Tween was in on it too. Gotta love that kid!

So it's good to be back in cyberspace. I have three book reviews ready to post for Fall Into Reading. And I have all sorts of other random thoughts flying around in my head ready to get out! Time for some serious make-up blogging!

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