Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thinking positive, reinforcement

1. Sat in traffic waiting to inch up to the broken line so I could scoot past the other cars up to the empty left turn lane. Debated with self whether or not I should just ignore solid line and go. Car about five back from me decides to go for it. The state trooper in front of both of us, turns out of the line and promptly tickets him. An actual example of reinforcing good behavior by avoiding a negative stimulus. Those examples are hard to come by - I know because explaining the principles of reinforcement comes into play often when you are working with families of toddlers!

2. Went to the "nice" grocery store, the expensive one, but you go there because you don't want to deal with the riff-raff at the discount store. There was a drunk outside who at the moment of my approaching him decided it was time to turn and urinate against the side of the building and then look aggrievedly at me as if my presence was interrupting him. He was extinguishing my bad behavior (wasting money at the pricey store) with his introduction of a negative stimulus. Very negative. Very, very negative.

3. And there's positive reinforcement happening all over the place. You know how you just sometimes get on a good roll? That's where I am. I'm hitting my stride with some things at work, I've made some nice progress with Spring projects at home, it's just feeling like I have my act together (for the moment)! And the positive reinforcement would be... get your travel claim turned in to the government...you get paid! get your closet organized and your laundry done....you can find your clothes in the morning! plan the menu and shop....dinner is on the table! It's all the little things that add up to one happy mama! Ain't nothing gonna break my stride...

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Good one on positive thinking and it helps a lot.

Karim - Positive thinking