Friday, April 10, 2009

Time to stuff the bunny

Once again, cream cheese rules in our holiday meal. This time I needed eight bricks of cream cheese to get through the weekend. When you consider there are only seven of us eating, that means we will each have consumed more than an entire brick of cream cheese by Sunday at midnight. There must be something wrong with our family - some cream cheese satiation gene deletion. Here's what's on the menu....

Saturday afternoon we'll start off with our family's favorite appetizer.. shrimp dip (brick 1 and brick 2) and Ruffles potato chips (we are sooo classy!)sometimes instead of the Ruffles, we dip with pertzels, and one time at band camp...oh, never mind.

Saturday dinner is porterhouse steaks, salad with strawberries and walnuts, baked sweet potatoes (and some regular baking potatoes for my party poopers who can't stand FLAVOR), green beans with caramelized onions, garlic bread, and a blueberry "cheesecake" pie (brick 3 and brick 4) for dessert.

Sunday morning brunch is baked strawberry french toast (brick 5), eggs, grits, sausage, and OJ. And, of course, M&M's, Cadbury eggs, and Hershey's kisses. And if I get over to our local sweet shop, white chocolate covered popcorn and milk chocolate bunnies! I do love Easter!

Sunday dinner is leg of lamb (the hunk of lamb leg cost me $40 and I don't even have a recipe yet....this better be easy to cook!), blue cheese salads (brick 6), asparagus/snap pea salad, make ahead mashed potatoes (brick 7), tomato/okra pie, fruit pizza (brick 8), Granny's rolls, and an applesauce cake.

My MIL is bringing the rolls and the applesauce cake. You may think it sounds like she is getting off easy but she's not! Those are the two most labor intensive dishes on the menu. Particularly the applesauce cake, it's an old family recipe and it must have thirty different ingredients at a teaspoon each. It was obviously devised way before the advent of boxed mixes which is what I consider "home made".

If I get my act together, perhaps I'll post recipes. But for now, I am off to clean and start food prep.

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Book Psmith said...

That's a lot of cream cheese but I understand the love affair. One of our favorites is a brick of cream cheese with homemade salsa poured all over with Tositos. Heaven. Sounds like you guys will be enjoying a little culinary heaven yourself:)