Saturday, July 3, 2010

I'd Rather We Got Casinos by

From the Amazon product description: Within these pages are the musings, the revelations, the ruminations, and the reflections of the incomparable Larry Wilmore. Here, collected for the first time, all in one place, are his Black Thoughts. From why black weathermen make him feel happy (or sad) and why brothas don't see UFOs to his search for Black Jesus or his quest to replace "African-American" with "chocolate," Wilmore has finally relented, agreeing to share his unique (black) perspective. Soon, you too will have the ability to find racism in everything. Bring back the Shetland Negro and do away with Black History Month! After all, can twenty-eight days of trivia really make up for centuries of oppression? In Wilmore's own words, "I'd rather we got casinos!"

This one was good but not great. as with most humorists, there's that point where the joke goes just too far and makes me uncomfortable. Particularly so many jokes about race relations have that edge of truth that makes it questionable whether or not the white girl should be laughing. I'll keep my eyes open for more from Larry Wilmore.

This book counts toward the 2010 Audiobook Challenge hosted by the bloggers over at Royal Reviews. Click on the button to see my progress.

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