Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cancer update #4

My dad had a follow-up scan and MRI recently as he finished what was to be his last chemo treatment. Both tests were very uplifting. There is no evidence of cancer in the brain - the surgery removed what was there and nothing has come back. The tumors that were outside of the lungs have virtually disappeared and the large tumor in the lung has been reduced by 75%! He has had 7 chemo treatments each three weeks apart so it has been a long time to go without really knowing if it was working. Now we know, it's working! So he has one more chemo scheduled in a few weeks but that seems to be just a holding pattern move while the doctors debate what to do next. The radiation guy thinks they should do radiation, the chemo guy thinks they should do oral chemo...(insert a witty comment here about another guy who could be at the table advocating for something truly horrendous - I can't come up with it on my own!) So, things look good, tempered at all times by the doctors constantly reiterating that this is not a cure. But my dad looks good, he has some hair (not much to start with so it's not that different!) and he still has a little belly pudge. He's tired, very, very tired but he's here and we're all so very happy and grateful.

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bermudaonion said...

What wonderful news! Hopefully your dad will get a little break from treatments and get to do something fun.