Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Pull of the Moon by Elizabeth Berg

From the author's website: Nan has just turned fifty, and is dealing with how it feels to be an aging woman in this culture. She is very much focused on all she is losing. She decides to take off on a driving trip, and the novel alternates between entries she makes in a journal and letters to her husband, Martin. By the end of the book, she has switched her focus from all she's losing to all she has.

I am still on the fence about Elizabeth Berg. How strange is it that I can't decide if I like this author or not? (Open House, The Year of Pleasures)The main character in this novel, Nan, had such appeal for me. She examines her body in the mirror and wonders at the changes that growing old has brought. She questions how much she yielded her own life and desires to those of her husband. It's a coming of age story for the menopausal set. But once again, it moved just a bit too slowly for my taste. Her journey was mildly interesting in a voyeuristic "intimate look" kind of way; it kept me turning pages. The negative is that there wasn't any successful dramatic tension. If I ever felt like Nan actually might DO something, it would have generated some excitement for me. The positive is that Elizabeth Berg writes some beautiful stuff, descriptions that are lovely, and all of it is easy to read so it's a "no stress" page turner that goes quickly.

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bermudaonion said...

Being part of the "menopausal set", I might enjoy this one, but I do like a little action or tension in my books.