Friday, October 16, 2009

Facebook Historical Fiction Book Club

This group reads some great books! I decided to gather them all in this post so if you catch one and find the idea of the book club interesting, you can see what else we have read, and can go over to facebook and sign up to join! For the books that I have reveiwed, you can click on the image to read what I thought.

November 2009

October 2009 selection - haven't posted my review yet but it's a fantastic book.

September 2009 This one wasn't a favorite.

August 2009. I didn't get this one finished. It is still in my TBR pile but the other folks reviews were very good.

July 2009 Great book - enjoyed every minute of reading it.

June 2009 This was a good one.

May 2009 I liked this one but I was in the minority!

April 2009 This was OK but although it was set in an historical time period it didn't include much history. Also - it's part of a trilogy and this part ends rather abrubtly.

March 2009 I didn't get this one read but from the others reviews, I didn't miss much.

February 2009 Very good book.

January 2009 Wow - surprising and interesting.

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Jenny said...

Shadow of the Wind is a great book. I really liked it. Here is my review

I also liked Lady Elizabeth as well, but as I had read her non-fiction Children of Henry VIII, I felt it I had read it before.

I have added Nefertti and The Last Queen to my TBR pile.

One of these days I plan on participating in this book club, I just seem to run out of time!